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Best location in Bali you need to visit

Bali is a favorite destination for a lot of people around the globe and it's easy to see why! There's so much to see and expertise with this magnificent island paradise!

Moving to Bali feels like going on a never-ending experience, there's an activity to suit every soul! Experience surfing, yoga, biking, hiking, delicious meals or wonderful nightlife.

Certain regions of Bali are influenced by tourism, with hubs of cute cafes, hip bars, and vegetarian restaurants. Other regions are still quite remote, maintaining their distinctively Balinese beauty and charm.

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Having a lush green landscape, world surfing, a hip nightlife, and a number of the best vegan food on the planet, Bali is just one of those places that I find myself coming back to time and time again.

It's the type of island where you can select your own adventure and have a completely different experience each and every time. I enjoy traveling to Bali as a solo lady and it's ultra-romantic once you go a couple.

Bali for budget travelers? It's easy! When you are deciding where to stay in Bali, it's about deciding what kind of experience you need to have.

Just be mindful of the traffic! People are inclined to think their visitors are the funniest from the world, but when the Balinese say their visitors are worse, they mean it.

During rush hour, it may have a solid hour only to get 10 kilometers. Before you reserve a location, decide what your core interests are...and how long it will take to get to other areas.

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It's all about the jungle beats! Close to the Monkey Forest, this really is actually the lush region that you've definitely seen featured on Instagram from time to time.

The sweeping rice paddies are dotted with shrines and waterfalls (with over a few yoga facilities in the combination). At the center of Ubud, you'll also find the largest market in the place that's ideal for finding memorabilia.


If you are in Bali to simply unwind, you are going to love Uluwatu. It's one of the quieter spots in the southern part of the island and it is stunning. It is possible to choose between a well-appointed hotel or a quiet villa on the shore.

Strategy per day to walk up to Uluwatu Temple to get a panoramic view. This area is well known for its lush green surroundings and sparkling turquoise sea.


Canggu my fave spots! Everything is super close together and it's easy to walk around. Additionally, it is a very safe area so it's one of my first recommendations for unmarried female travelers in Bali. For this very reason, you will also be able to meet other travelers too.

There are plenty of laid-back shore cafés and pubs. If you're into browsing, the main street in town, Batu Bolong, is where to be. Keep your eye out for silent little warungs (roadside cafés) around and some of the trendiest street art!

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Trying to find a swanky, upscale place on the sand? You're going to love Seminyak. This is one of the greatest beach communities and you'll have everything outside of your doorstep. Luxe hotels, high-end shopping, and slick bars are the norm here. If you are into browsing make certain to look at Petitenget and Seminyak shores.

Jimbaran Bay

If you're traveling with family, then I would highly suggest checking out Jimbaran Bay.

It is a lovely mix of a luxury hotel near jasa seo office with local communities. The water is calm at the bay and there are loads of places to try ultra-fresh seafood or just lounge by the water.

For a day on the town, surf the local market. While Jimbaran Bay can find somewhat crowded, it isn't as touristy as some additional spots.


Odds are you've seen pics of the beautiful Tegalalang rice terraces before. Travelers frequently pop over to shoot a few photos and spend a night or two. I would recommend sticking around for a bit longer though within this underrated location.

Wherever you live, wake up early at least one morning for a sunrise hike up Mt Batur!

Not Recommended

While I’m waiting at my friend jasa arsitek office, I read “I love Bali”, I think this word because there are a number of spots that are not really worth it. From the way or out of touch with what makes the island incredible, these neighbors are on my"miss" list.


Unless you are leaving in the early morning, it's not worth spending the night in the airport region. If you discover a wonderful hotel and are happy to just hang out there, it's fine for the night but it is not a long-term destination.


This is a family-oriented place without a lot to do. It has a rather sleepy reputation and it might take quite a little time to get to other areas. While there are hotels with fine places to unwind, the main beaches are not very well preserved.


Known for its backpacker crowd, you can find an inexpensive place to keep here BUT Bali is not an expensive travel destination. There is no sense in remaining in a loony region to save a couple of dollars. The tourist packs can be overwhelming here in comparison to the chill backpacker vibe you will discover in Canggu or even Seminyak.

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